1. BASIC LIVE SUPPORT – 17 June 2019

Basic life support trainng from Brawijaya Women & Children Hospital for all of our employees including caregivers by
dr Bunga, Specialize in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

2. YOUR BABY CAN LEARN – 9 May 2019

Let’s join our “Your Baby Can Learn” with The Learning Castle Preschool

Your Baby Can Learn! is designed to teach language skills by using their senses and by interacting with people and objects.
Babies often learn more with multisensory learning than they do through a single sensory system
Multisensory learning means learning through more than one sensory system at the same time

3. KID SENSORY PROGRAM – 10 April 2019

Dear Star Parents, starting this April we have weekend class “Kindy Sensory Program for Pretots” with @kindycloud
This program is a short-term sensory play program for children aged 13-24 months.

4. READING IS FUN – 13 Maret 2019

First time in Indonesia from USA.
At Starchild Daycare & Learning Center
By The Learning Castle Indonesia & Reading is Fun.

Reading is fun = a fun, interactive, multi sensory method to nurture your child’s the love of reading and exploring the wonderful world of books.
Your toddler can (2-3 years old) = pampers your toddler’s love of reading using a world renowned multi sensory approach
Your child can (3-5 years old ) = enhances your child’s ability to become a fluent reader