Where is the location or complete address Starchild Daycare and information number?

Starchild Daycare & Learning Center address is at Jalan Prof. Doctor Satrio No.43 , phone number 0812-9866-6799 (across from Manhattan Hotel).

What is Starchild daycare operational hours?

Monday to Friday from 8.00 am - 5.00 pm

What should I provide on my child’s first day of daycare?

An extra set of clothing, diapers, shoes and/or flip-flop. A special blanket or doll for sleeping if necessary & bottles. Also if you have a certain schedule of your child’s day it would be helpful for us, so we can follow their routine as much as possible.

Do I need to prepare snacks/meals for my child?

We provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and milk.

Does Starchild have experienced and professional caregivers, staff or teachers?

At Starchild daycare, all of our caregivers are professional that are certified psychologist, early childhood educators & nurses with an education of nurse alumnus and/or midwives with impeccable training & internship from Brawijaya Women & Children Hospital.

What is the difference between Babysitter at home with Caregivers in Starchild?

Babysitter only focus on keeping our child, not necessarily able to provide the appropriate stimulation with the growth stage of the child. But, Caregivers in Starchild build the foundation in all aspects of social, cognitive, language and physical development. A safe, but fun, cultural environment where everyday the children are happy and learning. Our daycare offer not only basic academic, but also reading, writing and numeracy like preparatory school level, the concept of our Daycare also teaches children to learn ethics and manners. The benefit that parents get is that good academic knowledge would be more helpful if it supported by good moral and ethical knowledge.

Will my child save at Starchild?

Starchild have a separate playroom for nursery and infants/toddlers. The play areas are fully safe, all climbing equipment is mounted on an installed safety surfaces. Every entrance/exit to the center and play areas and all activities are under the watchful eyes of our trained staff. And there is 24 hour security system. All employees should wear ID, and the children can only be pick up by their own parents.

Where does the children sleep?

The child has their own bed, the room has been designed as comfortable as possible for infants, toddlers and nursery. We also control the cleanliness of equipment such as bed sheet, pillow and others. The room separate from the playground and dining to allow for a more peaceful sleep without interruption

If I want to come to Starchild and breastfeed, do you have a place where I can do it personally?

Moms can come in and breastfeed anytime in the Infants room.

Do you have a refrigerator to store bottles?

Yes, we keep bottles in the refrigerator in our kitchen

Do you feed the baby on demand or on schedule?

We have a schedule in place. But if you want your baby on your own schedule, we will accommodate it. If you want us to help with a little extra schedule, we can help you with that too.

Is the diaper provided by starchild?

We don’t provide diapers, we ask parents to bring their own and we will label it with your child name.

Does Starchild provide special uniforms for children?

We provide one uniform (T-Shirt) and its only use for special event

What criteria does Starchild use in choosing Caregivers?

Starchild daycare have professional & experienced caregivers some of them are nurses with an education of nurse alumnus and/or midwives with impeccable training & internship from Brawijaya Women & Children Hospital.

What's the ratio for children & caregiver?

We have 11 caregivers, we will adjust the placement with the needs & situation. Newborn - 12 months = 1:2,5 & 1-3 years old = 1:3 and 3-5 years old = 1:4

Is there a Separate Area for Infants, Toddlers and Nursery?

Yes, we have a separate room for infants, toddlers and nursery. A very homey daycare centre with modern & fun facility designed specifically for daycare. A zoo themed room design for Infants from newborn to 12 months old with comfortable bed. A garden & Under the sea room themed for Toddlers and Nursery. A separate playroom for infants and toddlers/nursery.

Can I leave my child on Saturdays or holidays?

In the early stages we currently only open on weekdays, but if many requests from customers maybe we will add our working days.

What is Starchild rate?

May I place a companion during my child in Starchild? Is there a waiting room provided for companion?

We don’t provide a room for companion but they can wait in lobby reception

Is the food provided according to the nutritional needs of each child?

Yes, we have a weekly menu controlled by Nutritionists from Brawijaya Women & Children Hospital. Our menu will be created daily by our cook

Can I bring my child favorite food, outside of the Starchild menu?

We provides breakfast, lunch, snack (biscuits/fruits) and milk for children. But we accomodates if parents want to bring their own food for their children. We will label it with your child name.

Is the equipments, games and facilities cleaned or maintenance periodically?

Of course, every room will be cleaned daily by our housekeeping. as well as equipment, facility , game tools, will be controlled and cleaned periodically

What is your drop off & pick up policy?

We encourage Parents to pick up their own children, but if parents cannot pick up, parents have to give us a list of approved people (grandparents/nanny) along with their credible id (ktp & kk) and a signed approval agreement from both parents father & mother.

What is starchild sick policy?

We do our best to be supportive of the working parent and at the same time, operates our daycare within our standard of rules. If a child is sick, we will call parents to pick up their child, but in the meantime we will put her/him in our Isolation Room and we will contact parents if there's any emergency. At the isolation room your child will be monitored by our trained nurse.

Is there a doctor standby every day?

There is no doctor who standby everyday but we have daily check up by our trained nurse (temperature, ear, nose & throat check), monthly visit by our Pediatrician from Brawijaya Women & Children Hospital, and vaccination program by Pediatrician (by request).

How do you handle children in an emergency situation ?

We have established Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for emergency conditions that have been socialized to our trained nurse

Are you open for inputs and/or criticism?

We are very welcome if there is an input or criticism from the parents. if there is anything that makes it uncomfortable do not hesitate to report it to our admission officer or caregivers and we will follow up your input as soon as possible.

What language used in Starchild?

We use Bahasa ind & English for our daily activity and learning methods

How do the staff communicate with parents?

Parents receive daily written reports from caregivers that include; food supply, changing diapers, nap time and daily activities.

Is the facility monitored by cctv camera?

We have 24 hour CCTV Camera.