What We Offer

We are here at Starchild Daycare & Learning center offers a solution, a comprehensive child care center, which offers a homey environment with trained and certified staff in a social & stimulating learning environment for your child.

We believe that the first 5 years of life are the foundation for the years that follow. A child’s environment should stimulate growth in a secure and loving manner; learning in their own way, at their own pace. Building the foundation in all aspects of social, cognitive, language and physical development. A safe, but fun, cultural environment where everyday the children are happy and learning.

Our daycare offer not only basic academic, such as reading, writing and numeracy like preparatory school level, the concept of our Daycare also teaches children to learn ethics and manners. The benefit that parents get is that good academic knowledge would be more helpful if it supported by good moral and ethical knowledge.

Our curriculum is filled with discovery exploration, investigation and technology in purposely designated learning environment.

For nursery, our caregivers and teachers will help our child develop and stimulate both fine and large motor skills.
For toddlers and infants we will stimulate both the imagination and manual dexterity with coloring, cutting, pasting and finger-painting which includes learning the alphabet and numbers.

Story Telling Stories allow kids to be creative and imaginative. 

Fun Math Games Activity for making math fun and easy for toddlers, examples: animal cracker counting, number pocket game, placing numbers with colors, etc. 

Music class Bounces, wiggles, circle, lullabies, movement with recorded music, clapping, etc. 

Gym & Sport class Baby gym, wall to wall, mini basketball etc. 

Art & Craft class Color sorting game, create a color collage, play dough, make four season Trees & flowers, etc. 

Reading is fun class Activity which pampers your toddlers and nursery love of reading using a multi sensory approach 

The Learning Castle after school activities: 

– Your Toddlers can 2 – 3 years 

– Your child can 3 – 5 years 

– Your child can advance 5 – 7 years 

– Reading rocket adventure & Science Club 5 – 7 years & 7 – 10 years 

– Building is Fun – Lego & Engineering 4 – 6 years & 7 – 10 years 

– Mandarin is Fun from 4 years

 – Coding is Fun from 4 years

 – Public Speaking for kids from 9 years 

– Holiday Programs 

These school activities will be arrange with minimum of three kids.